Lunch Menu

Margaritas & Mixed Drinks To Go! - $2 Split Charge on Food

Tues - Fri | 11 AM - 2 PM

Big Kahuna Hot Dog loaded w/ chili, cheddar, relish, onions, pickled jalapenos & chips $11

Sweet Sriracha Chicken Sandwich breaded chicken breast with sweet chili sauce, sriracha, ranch & pickles $11

Shack Lunch Cheeseburger choice of mayo, mustard and/or ketchup, w/ fries $11

Lunch Shrimp Platter Lunch portion of seafood stuffed shrimp, grilled shrimp, fried shrimp w/ rice and & veggies $11

Shrimp Nachos Lunch tortilla chips topped with our creamy cajun fondue sauce, pico de gallo, blackened shrimp & avocado $11

Shrimp Quesadillas Shrimp smothered in fondue sauce, cheddar, jack cheese, peppers w/ sour cream $11

Shrimp or Chicken Alfredo Lunch Lunch portion of broiled or blackened chicken breast or shrimp, served over fettuccine with garlic bread $11

Broiled Chicken Lunch Chicken breast topped with jack cheese, tomatoes, onions & bacon strips $11

Tortilla Crusted Tilapia & Grilled Shrimp Lunch Broiled tilapia w/ grilled shrimp, lemon butter, poblano rice & veggies $11

Broiled Salmon Lunch topped with citrus butter, served with poblano rice & mixed veggies $11

Salmon Salad Lunch Romaine, jicama, onions, tomatoes, tortilla strips, & chipotle vinegarette $11

Shack Lunch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, candied walnuts & choice of dressings: raspberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, bleu cheese or ranch $11